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I ended up eating them before I could give them away

Thank you. I was visiting Prague last week and I walked past your store on my way to Prague Castle. Someone was outside giving out samples and I had one. I bought some boxes to bring home as gifts and I ended up eating them before I could give them away! Your chocolates are so delicious!


A little at a time to make it last

...We visited one of your stores while in Prague this October.  We've enjoyed the candy over the last couple months -- a little at a time to make it last..  :)


Take care,




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The chocolates arrived on Christmas Eve


Dear Petr,


not only fantastic products but what an amazing service, the chocolates arrived on Christmas Eve so was able to make presents which is just amazing.

...I will now recommend that we use you for Christmas presents rather than Lindt from our Swiss office.





We Loved your Chocolate

We Loved your Chocolate when we visited Prague this year in February and would like our Friends and Family to Experience these delightful Chocolates...


Russel and Susan, United Kingdom


Delicious Chocolates

Dear Petr,


My brother just visited your shop last month and couldn't say enough about how delicious your chocolates are!  I'd be happy to wait--looking forward to tasting them myself.


Thank you,

Tammy Cox


Absolutely Delicious Chocolates

Dekuji Again Petr!


I received the absolutely delicious chocolates (as well as your generous chocolate bars), and amazing doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful they are!


Thank you so much!  They were well worth the wait!


Have a blissful day:)

Tammy Cox


Chocolate Cover Almonds



I was recently in your shop near the Castle while on a trip to Prague and purchased some cinnamon chocolate covered almonds.  They were/are wonderful.  I wanted to obtain more of them, but I don’t see them listed on your web site.  Can you please tell me how I could go about purchasing them?


Please let me know.


Thank you.


Diane Sarnataro (USA)


Amazing Chocolate in CR

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Hungary! Austria, and the Czech Republic and some of the most amazing chocolate in CR.  I searched the website listed on the can of almonds and voila, found you!


My colleague present us a box as a present from Prague. We enjoyed! :)There are no your sweets here in Moscow. It's a pity, so we had to order via Net.

Your new fan, Vladimir.


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Me and my spouse flew to Russia from Czech Republic via Czech Airlines and bought a couple of boxes (tin ones, with cinnamon). Now she won't live without them :)

Thanks for you help, Pawel


These chocolate bars are quite good enough to be sold at Selfridge's in London or at Chocosphere (  I hope they get the attention they deserve.

Many thanks for your help, Anton

Přeji Vám Pěkné Vánoce a do Nového roku ať co nejvíc "závislých" zákazníků:)  Ivana


Dekuji za dnesni zasilku a za darek. Musim Vam rici, ze davno jsem nejedl tak dobrou cokoladu! Mandle v cokolade a skorici moc chutnali detem a extra tmava - mne a manzelce.

Tesim se na dalsi nakup ve Vasem obchode a urcite doporucim znamym Vasi znacku! Michal


I had the pleasure of visting Phraq this summer.  On my way back to Norway a bought a box of your almonds at the airport.  I found them very tasty and when I discoverd that you had a website,  I decided to order some for Christmas. S.


Hello! We received the tins of chocolate almonds in the mail in perfect condition!  Thank you so much!  We didn't know there was more than one choice of tin and we appreciate you sending us one of each. We are also enjoying the extra chocolate you included wrapped in pictures of our favorite city, Prague!


Dear Petr, a colleague at work bought a tin of these from his recent holiday for the office to share and I thought they were so delicious. Therefore I did a Google search and fortunately your website came up in the search. I am looking forward to receiving the chocolates which I am ordering in advance for Christmas gifts – if I don’t eat them beforehand! Andrea


Thanks for letting me know it’s possible to ship to the UK; are you thinking of setting up an agent or your own outlet here?I tasted your wonderful almonds via my brother as he regularly does business in Prague and has also discovered how delicious they are! R.


I am a big fan of almonds, chocolate and cinnamon.  You figured out a way to combine them! F.